About Twelve Directions
My name is Tyson Hellmich. I was born and raised in sunny, southern California and had a very diverse and extremely rounded upbringing which included animals, music, sports, acting, and the great outdoors. I also had an early exposure and interest in computers which melded with a strong sense of creativity. Today, I find I have a cornucopia of life experience from which to draw inspiration and understanding as I dive head-first into the endless possibilities of interactive design.

Twelve Directions is my freelance company.

I chose "Twelve" because of its symbolic strength and centricity. Our very universe contains twelve planets. Our measure of time is based on a twelve-month year; our day is based on two twelve-hour increments, and often, a complete set is defined as a dozen, or twelve individual units acting as one.

"Directions" refers to the many different and ever-progressing avenues of interactive media, such as web design, web programming, audio and video editing, and even printed graphic design. The future of interactivity lies within these disciplines, so I have created this company, Twelve Directions, that embraces each and unites them under one, interactive roof.

This site reflects the diversity of interactivity. As you move from page to page, you interact with my site and become a part of my work. Have fun looking at what I have done so far in my career. Check back often for updates, and drop me a line if you feel so inclined.

Thanks for visiting!
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